Bigger GRS Program coming soon in 2020

GRS program leverages the power of soccer (football) to teach youth about HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), healthy relationship building, and developing long term goals based on the Grassroot Soccer curriculum.

We shall be forming 6 teams in 2020 of 120 youths (60 female and 60 males) who will be trained by 12 coaches who will later reach out to other 150 youth within the community of Maracha District as a follow up to our first team that graduated in August, 2019.

The project will also include one comprehensive week long coaches training for six school teachers (three female and three male), three community health workers (one female and two male), and two community members (two male).

The program is financed through Peace Corps UgandaAmani Initiative Against Teenage Pregnancy & Early Marriage and the community.

UNFPA UgandaReach A Hand Uganda Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum – UYAHFMinistry of Health- Uganda World Health Organization UgandaGirls Not Brides – Uganda National Alliance Girls Not Brides U.S. Embassy KampalaMaracha. District Local Government Save the Maracha Girl Ministry of Education and SportsCenter for Health, Human rights and Development SRHR Alliance Uganda #LetsTalkAboutSexuality #Endchildmarriage #Endteenagepregnancy #EndObstreticFistula #KeepMeInSchool

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