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Thematic areas


Education is one of the most powerful tools we can use to change the word. Education Through promoting equal and quality education opportunities for every child through school fees scholarships, re-entry of child mothers back to school, engaging parents, and school outreaches.

Activities under the Education thematic area include: –

1 – Keep Me in School Activity- The activity create equal and quality education opportunities for vulnerable children through school fees scholarships, scholastic materials, menstrual hygiene and management, and re-entry of child parents back to school.

2 – Step By Step Activity- This uses school outreaches to engage in school youth to prioritize their education with a focus on 3 key life steps i.e, graduation, career and marriage. The activity uses career guidance, leadership training, mentor-ship, and employ-ability skills enhancement

Child Protection & Advocacy

Child marriage, defilement, female genital mutilation are all very harmful practices that children in our community still face denying them equal opportunities to a better future. Amani Initiative has adopted this thematic area to protect all children from harmful cultural, religious and society practices.

Activities under the Child Protection and Advocacy thematic area: –

1 – Silent Screams- Silent screams uses poetry, debates, media to follow up and report cases of child abuse. We engage with the parents and police to follow cases of child abuse, sensitize children on how to identify, prevent and report in case of abuse.

2 – Community Dialogues- Community dialogues provide a platform to sensitize the communities on laws on child abuse, establish community child protection champions, set up girls parliaments, mobilize community to lobby and monitor relevant laws on protection of children.

Social & Economic Empowerment

Through training on income generating projects, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship training targeting households and child led families.

Activities under the Social and Economic Empowerment: thematic area: –

1 – Ama Ecora Child Parents Economic Empowerment Activity – provides financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills and start up skits to enable child parents start income generating projects.

2 – Family Support Visits and Counseling Services- supports family social & economic strengthening to eliminate gender based violence, child marriage, household poverty, and poor family planning

Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health

Lack of access to age appropriate sexual and reproductive health information and services increases the risk of adolescent boys and girls of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or becoming pregnant which is key strategic thematic area for Amani Initiative.

Activities under the Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health thematic area: –

1 – Let’s Talk About Sexuality- This activity engages community health service providers to facilitate a platform where youth can talk about sexuality through youth health camps and use of social media platforms.

2 – My Choices=My Actions=My Goals- The activity has integrated sexual & reproductive choices within a snakes and ladders board game. The game is designed to replicate the impact of the choices that the players make during the game which provides a platform to learn and share from each other on how sexual & reproductive health choices could have an impact to personal goals of the players.

3 – Grassroots Soccer- aims at educating adolescent boys and girls by sensitizing them about HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted disease through leveraging the power of sports,