Nixon Ochatre, Founder Amani Initiative

Amani Initiative was founded in by Nixon Ochatre in 2011 to prevent and respond to teenage pregnancy and child marriage through low cost high impact community led solutions within Maracha District located with the West Nile Sub Region of Uganda.

Nixon was by then a 19 year old University student who had personally experienced the negative impact of teenage pregnancy through his mother who dropped out of school after becoming pregnant and many of his friends from the village he grew up with.

“I was born in a small village within Maracha District spending most of my time with agemates with whom we had great plans for the future despite of the poverty. As I progressed with my studies I could see  the closest people around me end their life’s and dreams that we once shared because of teenage pregnancy and child marriage which inspired me to start Amani Initiative.” Nixon Ochatre

As a young man with a vision but not clear with a paths to take; Nixon engaged his mentor Justice Mike Chibita for guidance and also mobilized 10 of his peers and community members to be part of the vision as Founder Members because he believed that ending teenage pregnancy and child marriage will require a collected effort.



The programs development team developed three core programs which were deemed to be in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. Our initial programs at foundation stage included:-

  1. Our Time Is Yet To Come.
  2. Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Course.
  3. Give Me Light And Let Me See.

Details of the activities can be accessed under our 2012 Annual Report