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amani initiative 2020-2030 theory of change

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Amani Initiative was founded in 2011 by Ugandan youth to prevent and respond to teenage pregnancy and child marriage through low cost-high impact community led solutions. 
Over the years the organization has expanded it’s work across other forms that hinder children and women from living a life of dignity and reaching to their full potential which has guided the current 2020-2030 theory of change.
We are currently active across the West Nile, Acholi, Lango and Central Sub-Regions of Uganda with a mandate to operate across Uganda. 


Our Model

— Our Vision Statement

A society where every child and woman is able to live with dignity and reach their full potential.

— Our Mission Statement


To prevent and respond to harmful practices against children and women through low cost- high impact community led solutions.

— A Quote

The World is a dangerous place not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.’ – Albert Einstein

Awards & Recognitions

We obtained the following awards in regards to the good work we do in the community

For the health category. Recognition by six child based organizations (ANPPCAN-Uganda, Child Fund Uganda, Compassion International, Save the Children in Uganda, UCRNN, World Vision Uganda and UNICEF for health dedicated to reducing harmful practices against children.

For effective use of social media to campaign against teenage pregnancy and child marriage.
For successfully mobilizing the community to petition the Maracha District Local Government to pass an ordinance to end child marriage through budget allocation and enacting of relevant policies.
For successfully implementing activities of the “Under Girls First Fund” based on the usage of low cost-high impact community led solutions to prevent and respond to child marriage in Maracha district.