How NGOs are fighting child marriage in communities 

The National Planning Authority data, which was released last year, shows that the country loses Shs1.6 trillion annually in tackling issues of harmful cultural practices, including child marriage.

Several organisations have created strategies to sensitise girls and the community on the dangers of engaging in early sex to change the narrative. 

They have also partnered with other stakeholders to build a legal framework and policy environment to mitigate cases of child abuse and ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted. 

The NGOs also engage parents and teachers to support the learners to remain in school. 

“We are also equipping influential people with skills so that they can take lead in the implementation of activities which target ending child marriage,” Mr Patrick Dranimva, the programme officer at Amani Initiative, an NGO, says. 

The organization carries out sensitization in communities and works with the church to promote behavioral change. 

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