Keep Me in School Campaign

Keep Me In School Campaign is a 5 year (2015-2020) campaign that will seek at creating a Child Friendly School that will promote stronger conditions for learning for children, an environment where the students feel safer, supported, and engaged; and believe that the adults in the school support the inclusion and success of each student. The campaign will engage stakeholders at all levels of education systems in creating schools with conditions that reflect effective , child focused teaching and learning and encouraging educators to think about how to serve the WHOLE CHILD. The campaigning will be targeting vulnerable children from West Nile and Karamoja Regions with plans of expansion after the specified period. GOAL OF THE KEEP ME IN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN Facilitate every child with an equal opportunity to quality education and to be in position to use this education to foster the development of his/her homestead, community and country. OBJECTIVES OF THE KEEP ME IN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN
  1. All Children have an equal access to a good quality education especially for the girl child & disabled children.
  2. Establishing a school environment with structures to retain children in school and efforts to reach out to children not in school with the direct involvement of parents, communities and concerned stakeholders.
  3. Nurturing the cognitive, social and ethical development of children.
Benefits of Supporting the Keep Me In School Campaign
Particular How Benefit
Related Organization Sharing human resource during project implementation and lobbying for funds Meeting the vision of the organization, building the image and brand name of the organization, capacity building of the organizations staff, networking
Partner School Establishing school structures that will support the implementation of the campaign, attaching a school patron for the campaign, enabling an environment that will facilitate implementation of the campaign Improvement in the school structures, improvement in the performance of the children in the school, building the image of the school
Supporting School Lobbying for support for scholastic materials for children in vulnerable schools, establishing an environment that will facilitate implementation of the project, attaching a school teacher as a patron for the campaign Inspiring for students in the school to make a difference in the lives of other vulnerable children, building the image of the school, building the social responsibility of the students
Corporate Company Support to some of the key project objectives, supply of material requirements required to implement the campaign, participating in the campaign fundraising drives Enhancing the corporate social responsibility of the company, building the brand name of the company, advertising the company
Individual Supporting a child with the requirements that can keep them in school, volunteering , attending the fundraising drives, promoting the campaign on the social media The feeling of making a difference in someone’s life, fun during the fundraising drives, career growth
Government, Community Supporting key policies that will be realized from the campaign, technical support from the Min.of Education and District Education Office, Attainment of the vision of the organization, building a human resource that will be key towards national development
1 Supporting a child with school fees
2 Supporting a child with a book
3 Supporting a child with a pen/pencil
4 Supporting a child with a re-usable sanitary kit from Afripads
5 Supporting the election process of the student leaders
6 Support for the logistics required for the campaign
7 Support towards trainings, workshops and capacity building of the teachers, communities, students
8 Communication during the campaign
9 Transport allowance
10 Directly volunteering during the campaign
11 Supporting a child with a mathematical set
12 Buying a school filling cabins for the school registers
13 Supporting school gardens/school lunch
14 Building a school for disabled children
15 Buying instruction materials for a school
16 Supporting a child with a school uniform/school shoes/school bag
17 Support towards the construction of school latrines
18 Donating a computer to be used for the School Register Database
19 Spread the campaign on face book, twitter
20 Attending the Keep Me In School Fundraising events
Please contact us at : Email; Or Call; Nixon ( 0703154084) Prisca ( 0777620450) Believe in the change you can create!
Amani Initiative is an organization that values involvement of each and every individual despite of their religious, cultural, political, status or ethnic background. The organization has various forms of involvement for instance;

  • Becoming a member
  • Volunteering
  • Engaging in the face book page
  • Being part of our events

Please contact us at;,, or + 256 703 154 084 to learn more