This thematic area aims at creating programs and projects that address the issues of sexual & reproductive health amongst adolescents that could lead to teenage pregnancy & early marriage and impact.

Programs/ Projects/Activities

  • Empowering young people to be in position to make positive decisions about sex and marriage
  • Promoting menstrual hygiene through sensitization and removal of taboos associated to menstruation in most communities.
  • Reducing impacts of teenage pregnancy such as infant & mortality rate, obstetric fistula.
  • Accessing to comprehensive  Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health information

Through adopting youth’s friendly means of conveying sexual & reproductive health information & services, our adolescent sexual & reproductive health programs empower the adolescents to be in position to make the right sexual & reproductive health decisions.

  • My Decisions=My Actions=My Goals Snakes & Ladders Board Games Project

Through using board games, adolescents have access to sexual & reproductive health information used to empower them make informed sexual & reproductive health decisions.

amani initiative sexual and reproductive health sensitization
Adolescents playing the “My Decisions=My Actions=My Goals ” Snakes & Ladders Board Game about Sexual & Reproductive Health Decision










  • Youth Health Camps
rahu youth health camp
Participants during the 2014 RAHU youths Health Camp

Through annual youth’s residential camps the youths are exposed to youth’s friendly sexual & reproductive health information and services.

  • Community Sexual & Reproductive Health Outreaches.

Through working with community leaders, partner organizations we take part in annual community sexual & reproductive health outreaches whereby the community are sensitized about their sexual & reproductive health, HIV/AIDs and the use of condoms and other birth control methods.

Working together
Working with partners to facilitate community access of sexual & reproductive health information & services at Nsangi Trading Center in March, 2014


  • The #LetsTalkAboutSEXUALITY project

    The project gives a platform for adolescents to share their opinions about various topics about sexuality with the guidance of a professional adolescent reproductive health officer

Lets Talk about Sexuality


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