Amani Initiative advocates against teenage pregnancy & early marriage through four thematic areas with the direct involvement of the community members and structures.

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Education
  • Child Protection
  • Livelihoods & Youths Empowerment

Thematic Areas

This thematic area aims at creating programs and projects that address the issues of sexual & reproductive health amongst adolescents that could lead to teenage pregnancy & early marriage and impact. Programs/ Projects/Activities
  • Empowering young people to be in position to make positive decisions about sex and marriage
  • Promoting menstrual hygiene through sensitization and removal of taboos associated to menstruation in most communities.
  • Reducing impacts of teenage pregnancy such as infant & mortality rate, obstetric fistula.
  • Accessing to comprehensive  Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health information
Through adopting youth’s friendly means of conveying sexual & reproductive health information & services, our adolescent sexual & reproductive health programs empower the adolescents to be in position to make the right sexual & reproductive health decisions.
  • My Decisions=My Actions=My Goals Snakes & Ladders Board Games Project
Through using board games, adolescents have access to sexual & reproductive health information used to empower them make informed sexual & reproductive health decisions.
Research shows that girls’ education is strongly associated with delayed marriage. Girls with secondary schooling are up to six times less likely to marry as children when compared to girls who have little or no education (UNICEF 2007). Our education strategy aims at increasing the rates of school admission, retention and completion.   Keep Me In School project “Education is the greatest weapon against poverty, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and most of the most demanding issues affecting the existence of humanity.”  To be in position to achieve the vision and mission of the organization, this thematic area  concentrates on  projects which  promote an equal & quality education opportunities for both boys and girls with priority given to keeping children in school and enabling their completion of the  full education cycle. GOAL OF THE KEEP ME IN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN Facilitate every child with an equal opportunity to quality education and to be in position to use this education to foster the development of his/her homestead, community and country. OBJECTIVES OF THE KEEP ME IN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN
  1. All Children have an equal access to a good quality education especially for the girl child & disabled children.
  2. Establishing a school environment with structures to retain children in school and efforts to reach out to children not in school with the direct involvement of parents, communities and concerned stakeholders.
  3. Nurturing the cognitive, social and ethical development of children.
Poverty is one of the key causes to teenage pregnancy & early marriage amongst most communities in Uganda since it denies many children education and is also used as a source of income. Through livelihoods development amongst vulnerable families and youth’s empowerment through social entrepreneurship & leadership skills, this thematic area facilitates a sustainable solution to the problem of teenage pregnancy & early marriage in the community. Programs/Projects/Activities
  • Promoting social entrepreneurship & leadership skills amongst partner schools
  • Youths empowerment through networking and linking them to various income generating opportunities
  • Supporting income generating activities amongst OVCs in target communities
The Aflateen Social and Financial Education Program The program is implemented in 30 secondary in West Nile Region with an aim of “Connecting, youths savings, incomes and education” targeting 3,000 youths on an annual basis.
This thematic area concentrates at forms of sexual abuse directed towards children and also establishing structures that facilitate child protection and justice for child sexual abuse. Forms of sexual abuse include child marriage, defilement, child prostitution, rape, and child pornography. This thematic area heads all the policy advocacy interventions at the local, national and international level so a to come up with sustainable solutions to teenage pregnancy and early marriage Programs/Projects/Activities
  • Financial & Technical Support towards the birth registration of  of Orphans & OVCs
  • Reporting and following cases of child sexual abuse
  • Sensitizing children and community members about the laws associated to child sexual abuse.
  • Massive campaigns against child sexual abuse.