More than half of Ugandans – over 18 million – are under the age of 18 years, underscoring just how important and urgent it is to improve the lives of children and youth, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized. With such a huge young population, the impact of Uganda’s achievements for children directly influences the progress of the nation.

According to the 2013 State of the World Report by UNFPA every day, 20,000 girls below age 18 give birth in developing countries. The Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS) 2011 shows that 24% of girls aged 15 to 19 years is pregnant or already has a child. Early marriage and teenage pregnancy can have immediate and lasting consequences for a child’s health, education and income-earning potential.

Amani Initiative is a Ugandan organization that was started in 2011 to spearhead a fight against teenage pregnancy & early marriage through community based interventions categorized under four program areas;

We have adopted the 2015-2020 Theory of Change which is to guide our interventions through four thematic areas illustrated below;
The above areas guide the organization in formulation of projects that facilitate a sustainable solution to teenage pregnancy & early marriage since adolescent pregnancies/early marriages do not occur in a vacuum but are the consequence of inter-locking factors, such as widespread poverty, ignorance and inadequate efforts to keep children in school as explained below;



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